Faith & Light

We had the community Mass for the Faith & Light group of Kuwait, this weekend. The Faith & Light community consists of members who have special needs and/or, who have children with special needs from various Christian denominations. In Kuwait, the group has mostly members from the Indian and Arab community and the mass is celebrated annually by all of its members.

I have been a part of this community since over a year, though a little less frequent now than earlier due to a hectic schedule. I love the children and I truly consider myself blessed in getting to know them.  I feel very happy when I am around the kids and it is wonderful when I get a bear hug or a kiss from them.  I do not go there to do my part, but I go because I feel loved in return.  Innocent  love in its purest form.  Who does not want that?

A few favourite shots of the event.

Captivated by her face.

I never see him without a smile. So full of life, its easy to see what makes him popular .


I caught her with raised hands, singing a devotional song.

My favourite picture. In spite of all the uproar around him, he had a moment.


To get an idea about the faith & light community and what we believe in, please visit the international website of the group:


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