Today I decide to go to the beach early evening for a walk. It felt like a day to be with nature and in this country, the beach is the best option. It was a lovely evening by the beach with families and children as well as a lot of dog owners. Towards the end of my walk, I decide to click a few shots of some children playing in front of me. One of the kids, a Kuwaiti, was happy to pose and asked me to take more shots of him. A little while later a young lady comes up to me and asked if I took his picture. Worried if I had crossed the line, I replied that I did take a few. She smiled and said that it was fine and asked to see the pictures. She turned out to be  the child’s sister and we ended up talking to each other for a while. She was a lovely Kuwaiti teenager who was interested in photography herself and offered me a few tips.

‘We are planning to make him a model’, she said. I affirmed that with his natural flair in front of the camera, he would make a good one.

Nothing like smiling children to brighten up your day.


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